How I went from being a Foreign Student to a Korean Citizen to a ‘Foreign’ Korean to a Korean Citizen in the Span of 7 Years.

A silly dream of mine has always been to explain something about myself in a simple one-sentence format.

Because usually my answers can’t be simple:

  • Where are you from?

Argentina. But my parents are Koreans who aren’t missionaries who decided to go live in Paraguay when I was six, BUT I still identify myself with Argentina the most because I went there during almost every vacation, and retained its accent and basic culture.

  • What’s your first language?

English is my academic language, Spanish is the easiest to pronounce and easiest to use when I’m emotionally up or down, and Korean is great to mix here and there. I have no first language.

  • Where did you grow up?

Refer to my “Living a la Nomade” essay. I didn’t grow up in a single place.

So, you get the idea. My life seems to be a great conversation starter (at least for those interested in complicated answers).

And my journey towards Korean citizenship, which I wasn’t even pursuing, was just as complicated. Here is the short version:

How I went from being a foreign student to Korean citizen to a Foreigner Korean to a Korean citizen