On Listening

[Facebook Note Archive from May 22, 2014]

As I teach, I meet all kinds of students.

Now, some students tend to ask me a question, and as soon as they’re done asking, they immediately get distracted with something. So they clearly don’t listen to my answer. Even when I tell them, “Hey, are you going to listen? It was your question after all!” they reply something along the lines of “Oh, it’s too hard.” (And keep in mind they didn’t try to listen to my answer in the first place!)

In the classroom, the things that get my students distracted are small. Perhaps a small comment a classmate made, a funny gesture, looks exchanged, etc. And the more my students allow themselves get into these small distractions, the more they cannot take in new Spanish information.

Instead of having this become a huge frustration for me as a teacher, I channeled this frustration to realize that this was how I interact with my dearest heavenly Rabbi. I bombard Him with questions about life. Then, instead of heeding to His instructions, I let small distractions (like wanting and planning to hang out with my friends too much, listening to Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz a little too much so that my mind drifts to daydreaming in a non-beneficial way, being concerned about the effectiveness of my classes a bit obsessively, etc.) take away from getting the precious information God wishes to impart on me. And when all these distractions are drained and God asks me “Are you going to listen to my answer?” I tell him, “It’s too hard! How do you expect me to understand or do it?” In other words, I keep saying “I want to live each second of my life for the Kingdom of God!” yet allow myself to get distracted by small things that have no eternal value.

Well, it stops now. Because Christ’s death and resurrection are too costly a grace for me to accept yet live under a system of distractions. Abba has put His Holy Spirit in me to do good works. I’m going to sit and listen to God’s answers for once and make this a lifestyle habit.

Related Meditation: If my students truly wish to communicate in Spanish, they need to start with the basics I am teaching. And in order to learn, they need to listen. Once they are through with listening and once it becomes a part of them, they will have the power to communicate in Spanish. It is the same for me with God and His Kingdom language. I believe I’m at a beginners’ stage, where I’m called to do intensive listening (not that the listening ever stops, but you get the point) in order to understand Kingdom language structure (practically, this means intensive study of His Word) so that one day I will speak and understand Kingdom-of-God language fluently and therefore communicate with Abba in His first language with no missunderstandings. ^^



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