1st Time Voting! :)

I am 28 going on 29, yet this year is the first time I ever cast a vote. Circumstances were such that I couldn’t exert my vote until now. (Valid circumstances, I promise!)

And curiously, this year I voted for different positions in two countries.

I voted for the presidential elections in Korea, and I voted (and will vote) for senators and congressmen in Argentina.

Honestly, I felt like a little girl who gets to do adult stuff. (I mean, imagine voting for the first time at the age of 28!)

I always looked at politics from afar, but after the Sewol incident in Korea, and even just living in Argentina and seeing how politics is such an important part of daily life here, I realized I need to educate myself more on these issues. Not as one who wants to criticize government, but as a citizen who exerts the rights allowed to herself.

I also find it funny that 2017 has become that year where I:

  1. Vote for the first time.
  2. Vote in Argentina AND Korea.

Am I officially a bicultural adult now? 😛

A lot of adulating in one year.


p.s.: Found out this year that in Argentina, voting is mandatory. You can legally get fined for not voting! Obviously this law isn’t enforced much, but I thought it was an interesting way for the country to motivate its citizens to vote.

Excited voter right here.

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