Hitting the big 5-0 (kg)

Today, for the first time in Eli’s history, I hit the big 5-0.

50 kg in the house. (YAAAAY!!!)

Socially, skinny people aren’t allowed to speak of their woes. Well, this is a virtual journal, and #thestruggleisreal, so here’s my spiel.

Ever since I can remember I have been underweight. And I have low blood pressure and a high metabolism. These three babies combined means that anything that requires energy tires me out immensely. Thus, exhaustion has been my constant companion.

I remember that missing school due to sickness was a common occurrence for me.

I remember going shopping with my cousin, and being so tired that I just sat on the sidewalk as my cousin got me a Coke to give me S.O.S. energy.

I remember blacking out in public places as well as in the privacy of my own home.

All because of exhaustion.

One of the main reasons I wanted to gain weight was so that I could have more energy. A life with a deficit of energy hasn’t allowed me to do half the things I wanted to do had I the energy to do them. I still can’t do the many things I’d like, but now that I’m 50KG!!! I feel like I have more energy.

My formula for gaining weight seems to be Argentina.

Before I went to college in Korea, I lived in Argentina for about eight months (before this I was living in Paraguay). During those eight months, I went from 45kg to 46~48kg. Ever since then, I have been in that kilogram span. At my worst, I would go back to 45kg. But I could never, no matter how hard I tried, hit the 5-0. Now, it’s been about 9 months back in Argentina, and behold I am FIFTY KILOS!

I attribute this great feat to three things:

  1. Food: My family does not miss a meal. They are food lovers and make sure I eat at least two meals a day. (Back in Korea, I wasn’t as regular with wholesome meals, now that I think of it.)
  2. Metabolism: at twenty-eight, my metabolism might be slowing down a bit, and more nutrition going into my body rather than out the door.
  3. Pilates: I started working out about four months ago. I am amazed that my body is not all mush now. Compared to many other Pilates students, I am mush. But compared to previous me, I am an Olympic athlete.

If you still don’t understand why I’m raving about this, imagine being underweight from the time you were five years old until you are twenty-eight years old. That’s a long time of being underweight with an extremely low reserve of energy and of being prone to get sick. Do you know how many times I looked down on to see my weight, only to be disappointed by a 47.5kg mark? Do you know how many times I wished I had more muscle so that I could carry heavy things? Do you know what low energy on a daily basis means?!

I want to celebrate. I need to celebrate.

I am hence celebrating October 25, 2017 as The Day I Hit the Big 5-0,and hoping I keep up a healthy lifestyle of an average-weight person! Woot woot!

According to my cousin, my love of food has made me a “fat person trapped in the body of a skinny person”. This is no longer true! Now it’s more like “fat person trapped in the body of an average person”! 🙂