Eli’s Videos: Since 2009

Just wanted to share the profile of videos I’ve been making.

I am really embarrassed about the ones I made earlier, but it shows you that video-making, like any other subject/area in life, gets better by intentionally challenging yourself to do better next time.


2009: When It All Started

I was originally interested in photography, but because I was so bored and such a loner during my first year of university, I made videos. I made videos for my class projects and I made videos for EHDS (something no one asked me to do). People around me reacted very well to it and recommended I major in Communication Arts (공연영상).


2010: When I Started Getting Into It

Because of all the positive comments in 2009, I signed up to study under Communication Arts. I was specially interested in documentaries.


2011: When I Started Getting Paid for It and Started Likin’ It More n’ More

This was the peak of my crazy video-making trajectory. I see now that I made the most videos during this year. It was the craziest year in terms of how much I was doing. To give you an idea, I had a nose-bleed every day for almost a year. This is the year I made my first and only official documentary about cultural identity.


2012: When I Became Afraid of Success

Basically, I thought I had lost my mojo and wasn’t very confident in making videos anymore (because I failed a Communication Arts class by not being able to make a documentary).


2013: When I Did My Best and Let God Do the Rest but Was Still Terrified

Since I graduated from college by this time and was getting started with “real life”, it was amazing to realize that people outside of Handong appreciated and wanted my videowork.


2014: When I Started to Believe My Work is Worth Something

It finally hit me that I was becoming a professional in this area. And realized I had been a bit falsely humble in how I saw my work. So I started to appreciate my own editing skills.


2015-present: When I Relized I Love This but Need to Put It in the Background (for the time being)

And now, as much as I would love to edit and edit and edit all kinds of videos, I feel like 2016 is a year when I won’t be making any official videos of any sort because I need to focus on my students.


Videos I made that are divided in categories (I am putting an * to the videos I personally like ^^):

2009 EHDS Recap Video
2009 EHDS Korea Outreach Video
2009 EHDS Left-Overs Video
2009 EHDS Promo Video
2010 EHDS Incheon Bus Accident Video
2011 EHDS Promo Video
2011 EHDS Staff FUN Night Video


2010 HIC POIEMA Recruitment Video
2010 HIC POIEMA Chapel Attendance Video
2011 HIC Life Groups (with bloopers!) Video
2011 HGU Michael Card Promo Video
2012 HIC Life Groups Video
2012 HIC Children’s Ministry Promo Video
2012 HGU Michael Card II Promo Video
2011 WHC Christmas Video
2011 WHC CPC Offering Video


2009 Creation and Evolution Class – Sound Project
2010 Documentary Class Project: Intro of a Classmate
2010 Documentary Class Project: No Titles Allowed
2011 Documentary Class Project: No text, narration, nor sound (except for music)
*2011 Documentary Class Project: Welcome to My Life 
*2012 Motion Graphics Class Project – Write my name out in diverse ways
2012 Motion Graphics Class Project – Alternative Intro to Movie (I chose Little Miss Sunshine)


2009 HGU Team Meeting Recap Video
2010 Yana Farewell Video
2012 DK & Euna’s Wedding Video
2014 Debi Birthday Video
*2011 HGU Faculty Retreat Opening Video – collaborated with Yana’s beautiful drawing skills


2010 Bariloche, Argentina Church Retreat Recap Video
*2010 Jina Onni & Bernabe Oppa Funny Wedding Video
*2011 Silly Commercial with Esther Onni – Slow Song Version
*2011 Silly Commercial with Esther Onni – Fast Song Version
2011 Argentina Vacations Recap (of 2010~2011)
2011 Argentina Sunday School Camp Recap Video
*2013 Linda Vista Apart Hotel Promo Video
2014 Oppa Birthday Video
2014 Juan y Ali Wedding Video


*2014 HIS Promo Video – with collaboration of Aleksey
*2014 HIS Spirit Week Video
*2015 HIS 100km Walk Video
2015 Intercultural Engagement Class’ Visit to Russia Recap Video
*2015 Spanish 2 – Ocho Vasos Al Dia Music Video
2015 HIS Song Guitar Cover